• “We Would Like to Involve you in our project… but WE HAVE NO BUDGET!”

Please, don’t waste your time writing me an email just to try to tell me that I have to work for you without any fee. Being an artist doesn’t mean that I don’t have to rent a place to work, pay the bills, eat, put some fuel to drive my car, Etc. When I go to the supermarket to buy some food to cook a proper dinner, I use to PAY with my card and I never said anything like: “Ohhh wow, I love your products and your food but I have no budget”.
THIS WAY TO THINK AND ACT IS INSANE and I don’t want to support the exploitment system of illustrators, photographers, writers, designers and artist in general.

Sometimes, I give some of my artworks for free only to small charities, only if I support them. For all the other requests, if you have no budget please don’t write me because I will never reply. I don’t want to be rude, but I need to be paid to survive like every human being.


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