About High-speed Photography:
It’s hard to explain where I got the inspiration for the first time. I remember the I saw something  similar long time ago, and I felt impressed about high speed photography. It makes me think about the possibility to stop the time in a “click”. In the last years I just tried to have a personal approach to this technique, developing this project in a very personal way.

The process is quite easy, all you need to do is pouring the varnish into the water. I must admit that it’s not easy as I just described, because I spent a lot of time building all that stuff that now I use to shoot varnish into the water, and it’s still a work in progress ..
Most of the time I can catch something beautiful just by chance but, of course, it’s very very important to find the right light and, the hardest part, find the perfect mix between varnish and water and the way to pour this mix into the tank.

Prints available here

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