Sony MDR

Illustration for SONY MDR – Headphones, The Art of Sound

Music is an evolving art form. The Art of Sound is a visual expression that conveys the magic of sound, the beauty of silence, and the vivacity of movement. With MDR-1, Sony has proven its mastery of music by striking a harmonious balance among superb sound quality,wearing comfort, and cutting-edge design.

Hailing from Milan, Italy, Alberto Seveso is a self-taught artist who has a passion for digital illustrations and photography, and made a name in the global art scene with his spectacular mixed media creations. “Music has always inspired my creative process. Listening to music through my headphones gives me the separation I need from the outside world to access my creativity. Music helps me find the ideas on which I base my work. So the Art of Sound concept was one that resonated with me. You could say that my work is actually an example of the Art of Sound.”

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